Real and Other Properties Acquired (ROPA) Manager

ROPA Manager is a web-based application that handles the monitoring, management and disposal of ROPA items.

Real and Other Properties Acquired (ROPA) or more commonly termed as acquired assets are properties acquired by the bank in settlement of uncollected loans or past due accounts not paid upon its maturity. Properties may be in the form of Real Estate, Chattel (vehicles, machineries and equipment, and Inventories) or even Shares of Stock.

ROPA Manager captures acquisition and property information, monitors the progress and status of the acquired property from documentation to consolidation to management and marketing, and eventual disposal.

ROPA Manager features the following:

Acquisition Setup and Processing

Setting up of property acquisition records and manage tasks needed to complete the processing of approved acquisitions.

Property Administration and Management

Monitor every aspects of the property and manage property attributes such as appraisal, expense, income, problem, etc.

Property Sales and Collection Management

Monitor property during sales process and manage every sales aspect such as sales offer, price proposals, property auction, etc.

Accounting Management

Handle any GL related processing such as posting of GL entries and generation of GL interface files.