TeraSystem's high quality suite of software products provide the ideal solution to address the automation requirements of small to medium sized companies to even large enterprises and corporations. Through automation, these software products are excellent support tools to complement the day-to-day operations of companies.

ORION System

An enterprise system that integrates four independent-capable modules - Fixed Asset Manager (FAM), Stock Inventory Manager (SIM), and Account Monitoring System (AMS). Orion System provides the capability to monitor fixed assets from acquisition to disposal, track office supplies inventory, records accounts payable, processes disbursement, as well as records accounts receivables and payment collection.

Suspense Account Monitoring System

An effective support tool specifically geared to manage and monitor “short-term”/”suspense” (for GL or SL) accounts. SAMS assists in keeping track of these accounts until the proper entry(ies) of credits or charges are eventually determined and made.

Check Warehousing System

An efficient support tool to monitor all post-dated checks (PDCs). Clients no longer need to visit their Bank to deposit their PDC every time a check is due for deposit. Clients just need to submit their PDCs and with the help of CWS, the Bank can quickly, easily and accurately retrieve all PDCs due for deposit. This definitely translates to better customer convenience and service.