Electronic Modified Disbursement System (eMDS)

The eMDS is a web-based system that allows enrolled client government agencies to transact with Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) electronically.

It provides straight-through processing of the following transactions:
- Transmission of Advice of Checks Issued and Cancelled (ACIC);
- Processing of payment of accounts payable to internal creditors;
- Transfer of fund allocation; and
- Request of checkbook

The eMDS transactions (i.e. transfer of fund allocation, crediting of internal creditors' accounts, or ACIC) initiated and approved by the government agency were processed real-time by the system while checkbook requests are automatically forwarded to the concerned branch for processing.

Thru eMDS, the government agency shall no longer submit the hardcopy of the documents as previously required in the Modified Disbursement System (MDS). The required MDS reports will be immediately available to the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) and concerned government agencies.