PIN Mailer Printing System (PMPS)

The PIN Mailer Printing System or PMPS handles the administration and maintenance of the following modules:

PIN Mailer Processing

PIN Mailer Processing is the main focus of PIN Mailer printing. It handles the whole process from loading and correction of batch files, creating and sending a print job to the printer, to requesting and approving (or denying) of reprint jobs.

ZIP Code-Courier Assignment

ZIP Code-Courier Assignment pertains to the maintenance of all ZIP Codes, Areas, Locations, Couriers, and their assignments.


Administration pertains to User Account personalization, such as Change Password, and Change User Settings.

Security Maintenance

Security Maintenance handles the definition of Users and Roles, as well as maintenance of Permissions or Access Rights.

System Reports

System Reports is a facility that allows users to generate PMPS reports.