IT Solutions and Services at its F.I.N.E.S.T.

For over 20 years, TeraSystem has strategically delivered world-class, cost effective and value added IT solutions and services.

Our unparalleled products focus on a thorough understanding of our clients’ business and operations needs.

TeraSystem takes pride in going the extra mile!

Our Commitments

TeraSystem is an active participant in being the “FINEST”, in applying and living up to the following beliefs:

  • F air Competition
  • I ntelligent Management
  • N atural Individual Advancement
  • E nd User Satisfaction
  • S hareholder Trust
  • T eamwork

Who we are

In everything we do, we ensure that we provide quality service in an efficient cost effective and timely manner.

Through cutting-edge technology, we proactively undertake activities that create value to our stakeholders.

Our integrity, credibility and professionalism are built from our strong commitment to ethical standards and high regard for other peoples’ rights and properties.

What we are

We give a high degree of importance to a team environment where there is open communications at all levels within the organization. We believe in the importance of maintaining harmony and rapport within the company, of people working together towards the achievement of common goals.

We aim to foster good faith, mutual respect and understanding among its employees, nurturing an environment of trust throughout the company.

our Services

Consulting and Professional Services

TeraSystem is experienced to provide systems integration, project management, analysis and design specifications, programming (construction) and implementation services.

TeraSystem has expert-level proficiencies in the Banking/Financial Services and Telecommunications industries.

Custom Software Development

Full project life-cycle capability from analysis to implementation and training, TeraSystem provides clients with project management and dedicated teams with exceptional technical skills to develop application systems on a project basis. Expertise include client/server GUI environment, Internet/Intranet, Web, Mobile and Workflow automation.

Software Conversion or Migration

TeraSystem has considerable experience in turnkey system conversions/migration such as z/VSE and z/OS. Migrate applications from one technical environment to another, converting from one application, programming language, database, and/or operating system to another.

Business Application Software Products - Marketing and Support

TeraSystem markets and supports software products from business partnerships with both local and foreign IT companies

our products

TeraSystem's high quality suite of software products provide the ideal solution to address the automation requirements of small to medium sized companies to even large enterprises and corporations. Through automation, these software products are excellent support tools to complement the day-to-day operations of companies.

Career Opportunities

Start your way to a fulfilling career with one of the industry’s respectable ICTs companies. TeraSystem not only delivers inimitable IT solutions and services but is also the realm of a highly skilled workforce that is the frontier of these unparalleled services and products. Make that big career move and join TeraSystem’s elite team of IT professionals!

Mainframe Support

Performs various mainframe system development and maintenance tasks.

Java Programmer

Performs various Java software development tasks that includes programming and implementation of technical specifications, unit testing, program deployment and program documentation.

Business Analyst

The bridge between the business and IT, an analyst is tasked with requirements elicitation/analysis and solving problems using information technology solutions.

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