TeraSystem's high quality suite of software products provide the ideal solution to address the automation requirements of small to medium sized companies to even large enterprises and corporations. Through automation, these software products are excellent support tools to complement the day-to-day operations of companies.

ROPA Manager

An integrated web-based support tool used to monitor acquired assets, also called as Real and Other Properties Acquired (ROPA) items, from acquisition to marketing to eventual disposal.

The increase of past due / delinquent accounts have contributed to the eventual increase of acquired assets or ROPA items of financial institutions. ROPA Manager provides the capability for fast, easy, and accurate retrieval of vital information (e.g. appraised value, book value, expenses, status, vicinity map, location plan, etc.) on a specific acquired asset.

Leasing Manager

An essential support tool for institutions that rent or lease out properties. Leasing Manager monitors lease contracts (& renewal) and payments, additional charges and expenses , generates statement of account and billing, performs accrual of monthly rental, and stores vital property and tenant information.

Appraisal System

An application module that automates the appraisal process, including filing of Real Estate (RE) and motor car appraisal reports.

Expanded Insurance Monitoring System

An efficient support tool that handles the monitoring and management of insurance records.